Black Bean Shakedown Hot – Gluten Free Pierogi

Black Bean Shakedown Hot – Gluten Free Pierogi


We guarantee you’ve never had anything like this! The Black Bean Shakedown Pierogis are made with an exceptional medley of fermented black beans, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, corn, onions, and cilantro. You’ll enjoy this spicy version, which has flavourful jalapeños in the mix, but there is a mild version available too.

Raw and Frozen
Ready to be Boiled and Sauteed

13 ‘Rogis in a Resealable Pouch
24 ‘Rogis in a Resealable Pouch
Big Bag o’ ‘Rogis (60)

Precooked and Frozen
Ready for the Oven or Nuker

13 pack in a Resealable Pouch
24 Pack in a Resealable Pouch
48 Pack in a Foil Tray

These can be picked up at The Asylum for Art at 2505 14 St SW, Calgary. Summer hours are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday after 4:30

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We can’t ship these because they are frozen

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Product Description

Did you think you had to give up Delicious Pierogis just because you gave up gluten? Well… you don’t! All our Pierogis are vegetarian, gluten free and handmade at our Calgary headquarters. We have some excellent classic flavours, but don’t be afraid to try something new! They all taste great with a side of sour cream or a pile of ‘kraut.


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