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All of our ‘kraut and fermented vegetables and fruit varieties are unpasteurized and fermented in small batches, ensuring you get to enjoy the digestive and nutritional benefits of this unsung probiotic champion. Fermented fruits and veggies and Sauerkraut are rich in fiber, vitamins, and flavour!

Our ‘kraut is Available fresh in

375 g Jar
750 g Resealable Pouch
1500 g Resealable Pouch
Bucket o’ ‘Kraut (5 kg)
Big Bucket o’ ‘Kraut (19 kg)

Our other ferments are Available dependent on their shape and size

Emerald Caper Sauerkaut

“My sister Mira tells me to lay off the green, but darlin’, I just don’t ever remember feeling this awake”
Sully Kraut

This superb sauerkraut is made with only thin-cut Green Cabbage and Sea Salt, fermented to perfection just as it would have been made hundreds of years ago. A true classic!

Ruby Heist Sauerkraut

“Oh, Sweetheart, Caraway makes me all red in the cheeks”
Mira Kraut

Thick-cut Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Sea Salt, and Caraway Seeds blend beautifully to create an outstanding flavour.


Salted and fermented limes, the way the Brits did it to take on their ships. Pucker up! These are great in drinks, sauces, stir fries or anywhere you would use a lime

I've Bean Everywhere

Green Beans, Garlic, Thai Chilis, flavoured with Dill. Did someone say Ceaser?

These are stuffed into 500 g  jars


A beautiful blend of Asparagus, Garlic, Cayenne from the greenhouse, Dill and Mustard.

These are stuffed into 375 g  jars

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